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CLEVELAND – Roll-A-Rack is seeking 10 developers or solar installers to test its patent-pending Roll-A-Rack solar-panel racking system, which reduces racking and installation costs of flat-roof commercial or ground-based ballasted solar systems by 33 percent.

Following recent funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office for Roll-A-Rack development, Acme Express, Inc., is ready to begin beta testing. The single-component Roll-A-Rack is much simpler than competing multi-component racking systems, which require pre-ordering, shipping, inventorying, transporting to an install site and labor-intensive assembly.

Like seamless rain gutters, which are formed and cut to length on site with portable roll-form machines, Roll-A-Rack produces custom solar racking on site and on demand. The material costs are 33 percent less than current racking systems. Installation time and labor costs are reduced by 65 percent.

Beta testers of Roll-A-Rack will help the company refine its manufacturing and installation processes. Beta testers will receive:

  • Early access to cost-saving technology with minimal risk
  • 100 kW of racking free
  • Racks roll formed on the project site by Roll-A-Rack at no cost
  • Wind uplift analysis to determine ballast requirements
  • Staff training
  • A case study, which can be used for marketing

“Developers and solar installers looking for cost-saving opportunities should consider participating in the Roll-A-Rack beta testing program,” said Don Scipione, president, Roll-A-Rack. “The beta testing program will help further refine our product and help make Roll -A-Rack an even faster, lower-cost solar racking solution.”

For more information about Roll-A-Rack and the beta testing program, visit or email

About Acme Express

Acme Express, Inc. is a technology company that develops applications for the transportation, finance, education and healthcare industries. Acme is certified as a Cleveland Small Business. The company’s founder, Don Scipione, an experimental elementary particle physicist, has been awarded multiple innovation grants from Ohio Third Frontier, U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Research Resources, National Library of Medicine, and U.S. Department of Energy.

About the Solar Energy Technologies Office

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office supports early-stage research and development to improve the affordability, reliability, and performance of solar technologies on the grid. Learn more at