Four Questions That Every Manufacturing Entrepreneur Needs To Answer

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Why It’s So Hard To Fund A Manufacturing Startup

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Roll-A-Rack Engineering Videos Debut at Solar Power International (SPI) 2020

Videos demonstrate capabilities of new roll-formed racking system  CLEVELAND – Roll-A-Rack, a faster, lower-cost, ballasted solar-racking solution, will unveil its first portable, roll-forming machine in October at its virtual SPI 2020 showroom. Like seamless rain gutters, which are cut to length on each installation site by a portable roll-forming machine, Roll-A-Rack produces custom solar racking on site […]

First Portable Solar-Racking, Roll-Forming Machine to be Unveiled at the Solar Power International (SPI) 2020 Show

Roll-A-Rack to demonstrate its new faster, lower-cost, solar-racking solution in October CLEVELAND – Roll-A-Rack, a faster, lower-cost solar racking solution, will unveil its first portable, roll-forming machine October 21 during the virtual Solar Power International 2020 show.     Like seamless rain gutters, which are roll formed and cut to length on each installation site, Roll-A-Rack produces custom […]

Roll-A-Rack is Seeking Solar Installers for Beta Testing of its New Cost-saving Racking System

CLEVELAND – Roll-A-Rack is seeking 10 developers or solar installers to test its patent-pending Roll-A-Rack solar-panel racking system, which reduces racking and installation costs of flat-roof commercial or ground-based ballasted solar systems by 33 percent. Following recent funding from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office for Roll-A-Rack development, Acme Express, Inc., is ready […]

Roll-A-Rack Featured in Cleveland Crain’s Article

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New Automated Solar Energy System Receives $1 Million Grant

CLEVELAND – Acme Express Inc., a Cleveland-based, technology development company, has been awarded a $1-million Small Business Innovation Research grant funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office to research and develop Roll-A-Rack, a new patent-pending solar-panel racking system that reduces racking and installation costs of flat-roof commercial or ground-based ballasted systems by 33 percent.  Similar to rain gutters, which are formed and cut on demand, roll-form machines will produce custom solar racking […]