A Faster, Lower-Cost Solar Racking Solution


Reduce solar-panel racking and installation costs by 33%

for accessible and affordable solar power

About Roll-A-Rack

Roll-A-Rack is a new solar-panel racking system that reduces racking and installation costs of traditional systems by 30 percent. The material costs are 50 percent less than current racking systems. Installation time and labor costs are reduced by 65 percent. 

Designed for flat roofs and ground applications, Roll-A-Rack uses roll-forming equipment to produce on-site, ballasted racking. The single-component Roll-A-Rack is significantly simpler than today’s multicomponent racking systems, which require pre-ordering, shipping, inventory and assembly. 

Roll-a-Rack is being developed by a team of scientists, engineers and solar installers with the help of a Small Business Innovation Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office. The effort harnesses a wide range of community resources and Cleveland’s rich engineering and manufacturing expertise, which is represented by the following:

  • NASA’s Glenn Research Center is advising on wind uplift forces.  
  • Ohio Aerospace Institute is supporting product commercialization.  
  • BT Solar, a local solar installation company, will provide technical assistance and end-user feedback.  
  • MAGNET, a nonprofit manufacturing consultancy, is validating the mechanical design and advising on strategic business development.  
  • SDLE Research Center at Case Western Reserve University will perform accelerated weather testing.  
  • The New Tech Machinery division of Mazzella Companies will build the roll-forming machines, and Sheffield Metals International, also a division of Mazzella, will provide raw materials.

Roll-A-Rack will be available by the end of 2020 .

For Installers

Become a Beta Tester
First 100 kW of racking are free


Roll-A-Rack is seeking developers and installers for beta testing


  • Early access to cost-saving technology with minimal risk
  • First 100 kW of racking are free
  • Racks will be roll formed on the project site by Roll-A-Rack at no cost
  • For commercial building projects, racks will be formed and lifted to rooftop at no cost
  • Roll-A-Rack will perform wind uplift analysis to determine ballast requirements
  • Staff will be trained at no cost
  • The test site will become a case study, which can be used for marketing


  • A ballasted solar project with a minimum size of 100 kW
  • Projects must be performed between Oct. 2020 and July 2021
  • Testers must allow time-and-motion studies on their installation

For more information email beta@roll-a-rack.com, or call (216) 391-7400

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Don Scipione

3821 Prospect
Cleveland, Ohio

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Our Team

Don Scipione, PhD 

Don Scipione, PhD, is a scientist and entrepreneur who volunteers extensively in the fields of education, the performing arts, international trade, workforce development and economic development.

A pioneer in software development, Don founded Acme Express, Inc. in 1980 in order to develop business optimization software for personal computers. He commercialized applications for transportation, staff scheduling, fiscal management, customer relationship management and K-3 education with customers in 40 countries. Don was an early proponent of using the Internet for business and developed one of the first cloud-based software applications, which was released in 1999. Over the past decade, Don has focused his research and development efforts on sustainability issues of wind, solar and CO2 capture.

Don earned a Ph.D. from University of California at San Diego, where he was a student of Oreste Piccioni specializing in experimental elementary particle physics. He has been a researcher with the General Atomic Division of General Dynamics, the Salk Institute of Biological Studies, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Brookhaven National Laboratory. He has been awarded innovation grants from Ohio Third Frontier, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Center for Research Resources, the National Institute for Nursing Research, the National Library of Medicine, and the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office.

Myles Murray

Myles Murray has nearly a decade of experience working in the solar industry as a scientist, project developer and entrepreneur. Myles also has significant experience in designing and installing various types and sizes of photovoltaic (PV) systems and deep insight into the photovoltaic industry. Myles has a deep understanding of the current technology roadmap and the challenges faced in developing products for the PV market.

Myles holds a BA in chemistry from Hendrix College and an MS in materials engineering from Case Western Reserve University, where he worked on technology development for mirror-augmented photovoltaics and material degradation. After earning a master’s degree in materials engineering, Myles founded AAT Solar Inc. with the aim of increasing the amount of grid-tied solar that is deployed in Ohio.

John Turner

John Turner works in data science and automation for business applications. He has previously worked as an economic researcher and also has extensive experience in corporate sustainability. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and environmental studies and an MBA with a focus in finance from Case Western Reserve University. 


Brandon Cornuke
Vice President, Startup Services

Michael Keller
Senior Product Development Engineer

Alec Simon
Senior Startup Advisor

Anthony Gillespie
Senior Program Manager
Ohio Aerospace Institute

Daniel Gisser, MBA, PhD
Senior Project Manager
Ohio Aerospace Institute

Nicole Stika
Vice President, Energy Services
Greater Cleveland Partnership

Joe Mossbrook
Managing Partner
Acclaim Communications


Oct 21-22, 2020

Solar Power International (SPI) Trade Show
Las Vegas, NV

April 29-30, 2020

NREL Industry Growth Forum

April 5-7, 2020

Solar Energy Technologies Office 2020 Peer Review
Washington, DC

Roll-A-Rack SET Peer Review 2020

March 5, 2020

Morgenthaler-Pavey Startup Competition
Cleveland, OH

Roll-A-Rack CEO John Turner Pitching at an Event

John Turner, Roll-A-Rack CFO, pitches a faster, lower-cost solar racking solution, at the conclusion of a seven-week accelerator for early stage companies.

Jan 28, 2020

MAGNET ribbon cutting
Cleveland, OH

Roll-A-Rack founder Roll-A-Rack founder Don Scipione (right) demonstrates the wide-scale economic advantages of his new solar-installation approach to Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (left) Monday, when Husted visited Cleveland to review innovative new companies. (right) demonstrates the wide-scale economic advantages of his new solar-installation approach to Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (left) Monday, when Husted visited Cleveland to review innovative new companies.
Roll-A-Rack founder Don Scipione (right) demonstrates the wide-scale economic advantages of his new solar-installation approach to Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted (left) Monday, when Husted visited Cleveland to review innovative new companies.  

March 21, 2019

Cleveland 2030 DISTRICT
Building Education Series: Solar and Wind Technology

Cleveland, OH

Don Scipione presents to the Solar and Wind Technology session of the Cleveland District 2030 Building Education Series.

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